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Suits Meme

Two Lawyers. One Degree. Lots of sexiness.

Fist. Bump.
suitsmeme suitsmeme
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Homicide Love 7/8

Mike raises his head, and Harvey's fingers slide around to tip his chin up, his dark eyes searching Mike's face.

"I could never do it," Harvey whispers. "No matter how much I wanted to."

"I can," Mike says quickly, maybe too quickly. "I can, Harvey, I would for you."

Harvey runs his hand through Mike's hair, makes a pleased noise when Mike leans into the caress.

"I know, I know," Harvey says.

His hand tightens in Mike's hair and he stands, pulling Mike up, the pain sharp and sweet. Mike scrambles to his feet and is pulled into a kiss, bites Harvey's lip until it bleeds, rakes his fingernails fruitlessly down Harvey's chest.

"Ah," Harvey says, shoving him back. "Don't mess up the suit."

Mike surges back into him, face buried in Harvey's neck, and when he feels hands tugging on the backs of his thighs he jumps up, lets Harvey carry them together to the bed in the corner, lets Harvey tumble down on top of him.

"Is that Dominic in the fridge?" Harvey gasps out, hips jerking in the circle of Mike's thighs, Mike bucking up to meet him.

"Yes," Mike moans. He scrambles to push Harvey's jacket off, tug his tie over his head and his shirt soon after. Harvey gets both hands in his hair and pulls again, pinning him down to the bed.

"That was stupid, giving me the teeth," Harvey mutters in his ear. "Don't be stupid again."

"No, I won't, I won't," Mike babbles, trying to squirm out of his jeans.

"In that case, you and me, my boy..." Harvey releases his hold on Mike's hair, and Mike can feel him undoing his fly, shoving his pants down, "...we're going places."

Mike whines and arches his back. Sex usually seems so undignified, so messy, all those fluids -- but Harvey is promising him a lifetime of kills, promising to guide him, to tell him when it's time. Harvey has Mike's dick in his palm and is rubbing the swollen head with his thumb, his own cock bumping against Mike's searching hand. Harvey is going to call him my boy like Dad did and Mike will kill on command for him and bring him presents and it will be so good --

He's hardly aware he's coming until Harvey grunts and presses a hand to Mike's throat, the other smearing come up his belly as he holds him down. Mike chokes, relaxes, tilts his head back, and Harvey says, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, you're so -- " and Mike passes out.

He wakes to find himself clean and warm, tucked up against another body under the blankets on his bed. Usually this would make his skin crawl; he fakes the normal human desire for contact well enough, but he doesn't actually like people touching him. Still, this seems nice. He feels sheltered, in a way he hasn't since he was a child in a sleeping bag on one of their camping trips.

The skin of his throat is tender when he touches it, and the body behind him moves, warm breath stirring the hair at the back of his head. He takes the wrist of the arm draped over his waist and raises it, kisses the pads of Harvey's fingers.

"Don't get all soppy on me, kid," Harvey says against his neck.

"I once bit the thumb off a child molestor," Mike says. He nibbles at the heel of Harvey's hand.

"Then I guess I don't need to worry," Harvey answers. Mike rolls onto his back as Harvey props himself over him, taking his hand back, fitting it gently to what is undoubtedly a ring of bruises around Mike's throat.

"All for you, always for you," Mike offers, eyes closing. Harvey's hand doesn't tighten, just rests there warmly.

"And only for me," Harvey adds, his voice dark and threatening. "Can I control you?"

"We'll find out," Mike promises, but he thinks, Yes.

"I'm not your daddy, Mike," Harvey says, and Mike rolls over to press his face to Harvey's warm chest, to bite hard enough to bruise at his collarbone.

"No, you're better," Mike says.

Homicide Love 8/8

Harvey can't kill. It's his only flaw, that he wants to but he cares too much, is too human to try it, and Mike finds himself both disgusted and envious at his inability. But relationships are all about compromise, after all.

He worried, for a while, that Harvey didn't truly understand. If it were Louis in Harvey's place, Mike knows, by now he would have been commanded to kill Harvey or Jessica, to smooth the path for Louis's ascent. Jenny or Rachel might order him to kill the other (though Jenny isn't on speaking terms with him anymore and Rachel lost interest a while ago).

Harvey has never suggested such a thing. He wants only the best for Mike, or rather the worst. On occasion he's told Mike to be the one to pick, which always makes Mike vaguely uneasy, but Harvey understands the rules and would be disappointed and angry if Mike chose an innocent.

Harvey has a magnificent kitchen: black granite, sleek brushed steel, red-stained hardwood. He has all the high-tech gadgets, beautiful bamboo stirring spoons and carbon-fiber whisks, flawless white porcelain plates. Cooking in Harvey's kitchen is a joy and privilege.

Harvey has never asked what's in the food Mike cooks for him there, but he's never hesitated to eat it, either. Mike makes the tenderest hamburgers, and only for Harvey.

Mike's collars hide the occasional bruise around his throat. Harvey's vests sometimes conceal blood spots on his shirts from scratches or bites underneath. It works for them.

Mike is a realist about these things. Someday, maybe, a true-crime journalist may write a book about them. He doubts the writer will get it right, but he hopes they will, and if he's still alive he'll be honest about it with them.

Because this is a love story, the one true love story Mike could ever have.

Daddy would be so proud of him.

Re: Homicide Love 8/8

I shouldn't be this attracted to a fill or to the idea of serial killers... but I am. Omg serial killer AUs are totally my favorite and this was so beautifully perfect in every way and just.... dear lord I don't have the brain capacity to express all the feelings I have for this fill or how amazing it is. And now all I want is more serial killer!Mike AUs.

Re: Homicide Love 8/8

Well, there's something fascinating about them, isn't there? Otherwise people wouldn't write books and make films about them and all. And casting Mike as one is a brilliant idea on the prompter's part.

Re: Homicide Love 8/8

This is just beautiful. I can only hope that you de-anon yourself so I can read more of your work because this? Just... guh. I have no words.

Re: Homicide Love 8/8

:D OMG AMAZING <3 *hugs*

Re: Homicide Love 8/8

(not OP)

This is so fucking amazing, I don't even know what else to say. Trying anyways: this Mike would be so wrong irl but your writing is so right about how he would work, the plot and motivations and little spaces slip perfectly in and around canon, and immediately after I read your last line, I thought, holy shit this is the only way this fic could have ended.

Thank you for this fill. ♥

Re: Homicide Love 8/8

♥ So much love for this. I've read a few other serial killer fics in my time, but this is definitely the best and most beautiful. If you ever feel inclined to write in this verse again, I'd love to see Mike's future interview with the true-crime journalist - it would be so delightfully eerie.

Re: Homicide Love 8/8

Thank you! I hadn't thought about doing the Mike-and-journo scene because it would mean Mike and Harvey didn't get a happy (albeit bloody) ending, but it could be creepy and awesome if done right.

Re: Homicide Love 8/8

This is one of my favorite fills on the meme. You did a fantastic job!

Re: Homicide Love 8/8

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Re: Homicide Love 8/8

Aaagghhh!! SO. GOOD! That was awesome! Thanks for writing!

Re: Homicide Love 8/8

Glad you liked it!

Re: Homicide Love 8/8

So I was completely blown away by how simple and awesome this fic was! I've probably read it 3 times already and somehow missed actually commenting. I'm a very bad OP. I apologize for the tardiness of my squeeing. Which will now commence.


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Re: Homicide Love 8/8

This is soo good.. really one f the best au's out there