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Neal Caffrey is Mike's older brother. Aaaand GO

I love this, oh, maybe keller kidnaps mike instead to get to the nazi treasure hence everyone finding out they're brothers, i dunno perhaps neal thought he was keeping mike safe and thought no one know about him

Fill: Almost Legal (1/2)

They are sitting in Harvey’s office and, for once, they are both smiling. Granted, Harvey’s smile is smug while Mike’s is significantly more relieved, but they’re happy. After three weeks of yelling, fighting and scheming they have (finally) won their case against Pearson Hardman’s biggest rivals. Mike has never seen Jessica so thrilled. She looked ready to do a fist pump in the middle of the conference room.

Now they sit in the post-victory haze of how amazing they both are. Harvey is stretching out, feet on the desk, whiskey in hand. Mike is holding his own glass and feeling relaxed for the first time in… a long time.

‘I’ll give you this, that warrant you got, the one that made them settle. That was magnificent. I’m never going to say this again, so listen carefully – I’m not sure I could have gotten that warrant out of a judge.’

Harvey must be a little bit drunk to give Mike such genuine praise. Mike takes his words with a smile, but doesn’t retaliate with his usual ‘failed to be awesome’ routine. In fact, he looks a little sheepish. And even tipsy, Harvey notices.

‘What aren’t you telling me?’

‘What?’ starts Mike and looks even guiltier. ‘Nothing. We won, right? That’s awesome.’




Harvey slides his feet off the table and puts down his glass. He hopes – he really fucking hopes – Mike isn’t about to say something to ruin his good mood. Although, if anyone can kill his buzz, it’s Mike and his ability to be a total idiot.

‘The warrant, the one I got that said we could search their offices…’ Mike trails off, biting his lip.

‘Yes?’ pushes Harvey.

‘It might not have been, y’know, totally real. Or at all real. In fact, it might have been fake.’

Harvey’s eyes widen. He is momentary lost of words, simply staring at Mike’s embarrassed face. Mike risks a glance at Harvey expression and winces.

‘But it doesn’t matter, because they confessed. They’ll never know the warrant was fake. It’s all kind of legal, right?’

It’s true, the confession supersedes Mike’s little gamble. However, the fact that Mike would give Harvey a doctored warrant is unacceptable.

‘You gave me a fake warrant?’

Re: Fill: Almost Legal (1/2)


This is wonderful! I can easily imagine this exchange and I'm kind of hungry for more, now. >_

Fill: Almost Legal (2/2)

‘Um, yes.’

Harvey frowns, thinking back to that victorious moment. He looked over the piece of paper, disbelieving that Mike had managed to get a search warrant with almost no evidence. It had looked real. Harvey had believed it.

‘Where did you get it? You certainly didn’t knock it up in Photoshop.’

‘My brother did it.’

Harvey’s eyebrows jump. This conversation keeps getting more surprising. Mike still seems a little awkward about the whole fake document situation, but there is a certain proud edge to his voice when he mentions his brother.

‘I didn’t know you had a brother.’

‘We have talked much in the past few years.’

‘He disapproved of you being a drop-out drug dealer?’

Mike frowns at the familiar dig.

‘No. I disapproved of him being in jail and landing me with medical bills.’

Jail? He’d always pictured Mike’s family as being American dream, apple pie type of people.

‘I guess being a criminal runs in the family.’

Mike has recovered his humour, it seems, as he gestures to the folder that contains – among other things – the forged warrant.

‘Maybe. But it’s good, right? He’s a bit of a genius.’

‘I thought you were the genius?’

‘Yeah, well, Neal is… a bit more special.’

It’s stupid, but Harvey likes to be the most ‘special’ person going around. He is somewhat insulted to hear Mike refer to his criminal sibling with such awe.

‘What is your friendly family felon up to these days, then? Apart from forging legal documents and running away from the cops.’

‘He works for the FBI,’ says Mike, with a cocky grin. Harvey scowls.

He wants to ask more questions, but that would seem like he was actually interested in Mike’s life. He’ll get Donna to look into it later. The search warrant was an impeccable forgery and if this ‘Neal’ really does work for the FBI, Harvey wants to know everything about him. Mike having a brilliant, morally-dubious brother who works for the FBI could certainly complicate matters.

‘Don’t give me forged documents again. Or you will be out on the street with your brother faster than you can blink,’ snaps Harvey, remembering he is supposed to be angry. Mike shrugs, appearing unaffected by the threat. It grates against Harvey’s pride. ‘And I want to meet him.’

‘I don’t think that’s a good idea.’

‘Why not?’ grins Harvey, leaning back in his chair. ‘Scared I’ll get him into trouble?’

‘No,’ replies Mike and Harvey is disconcerted by the amusement in his eyes, ‘I’m worried he won’t leave you in one piece.’

Re: Fill: Almost Legal (2/2)


Re: Fill: Almost Legal (2/2)

Never watched White Collar (though cause of this kinkmeme I'm seriously rethinking my life choices on that matter) but this was so great. What a way to end it though, it's rather cruel and unusual. Sequel perhaps? 8 D

Re: Fill: Almost Legal (2/2)

Most amazing thing ever ahhhhh *dies*

Re: Fill: Almost Legal (2/2)

This is made of AWESOME! I so want a sequel! lol

LOVE this So much! I cannot even explain! xD

Re: Fill: Almost Legal (2/2)

O.M.G. this was made of 10 types of awesome. If you write a sequel, you may have my firstborn.

Re: Fill: Almost Legal (2/2)

Sequeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel! I request sequel! Neal actually meeting Harvey

Re: Fill: Almost Legal (2/2)

Totally seconded! I need more stuff like this in my liiiiiife.

Re: Fill: Almost Legal (2/2)

‘Why not? Scared I’ll get him into trouble?’

‘No, I’m worried he won’t leave you in one piece.’

How prudent of Mike. Because really when all is said and done Neal is a charismatic power house.

Re: Fill: Almost Legal (2/2)

This was amazing! Pleeaase write a sequel? :D
I think if they met, at least after a while Harvey would begrudgingly have to give it to Neal that he's pretty incredible ^^

Re: Fill: Almost Legal (2/2)

This was awesome!


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