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round three prompt post - CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS


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P.S. I know I said tomorrow but I'm on the East Coast right now and honestly can't guarantee anything for tomorrow.

Harvey/Mike Mike's not all he appears to be...

About Mike's parents... Maybe they didn't die at the same time? Maybe his father isn't even dead but he's long gone somewhere and the only family he had left was Grandma? Whatever happened to put Mike in New York and into his Grandma's care, I would love to see a long, plot-y fic where we explore his origins!

Chosen Parents!


Obviously this is a but AU and plays with the timeline, but ignore that! Let's say Mike's mom is murdered and this has had an negative impact much like it did for his daddy ;) But daddy raised him right and stressed the need to care or at least appear to and hands down his own values and knowledge before they part ways.

Basically: Serial Killer Mike? He has access to big bad guys now, what does he do with that? I would love this to be slash, meld this story as you see fit anon.

Re: Harvey/Mike Mike's not all he appears to be...

I'm in the subway with the most manic fucking grin on my face.

Did I just see a request for serial killer!Mike? Ooooooooomg OP I love you so hard right now this is an awesome prompt and I second it with a fucking burning!!!

Re: Harvey/Mike Mike's not all he appears to be...

If someone does this I will love them forever. For. Ever.

OP, you are already on the 'forever love' list. Super-amazing prompt!

Re: Harvey/Mike Mike's not all he appears to be...

I LOVE THIS PROMPT! (but i hate Rita, don't kill me!) XDDDD

Fill: Homicide Love (Mike/Harvey later parts) 1/?

I played around with the prompt a little bit, hope that's ok -- didn't make it a Dexter crossover, I'm not familiar enough with the later seasons.

Warnings for: Gore, extreme violence, mentions of rape.

Homicide Love

Mike understands now, in a way he didn't, couldn't as a child.

He remembers everything his father said to him then, and he's grateful that his father saw the cold flatness in his eyes the way nobody else did. Daddy knew what he was because Daddy was one too, and he started his training early, which was just as well because Daddy and Mommy both died when Mike was nine.

They had these lessons. He wasn't supposed to tell Mom and Grandma about them. Dad called them man lessons which in retrospect sounds a little pedo-creepy, but they weren't like that. He would just take Mike out for dinner and talk to him, mouth full of red rare steak, or they'd go camping and Dad would show him how to catch and kill squirrels. They were the happiest times of Mike's childhood.

"Never let the innocent suffer," his father said. "The innocent didn't do anything wrong. If you have to kill one, make it quick," he continued, and snapped the squirrel's neck (when Mike was eight Dad let him do the snapping). Then they'd skin and dissect it and make stew.

"Only the guilty deserve to die. If you have to kill, kill a guilty man," Daddy said.

Mike just took it in, soaked it up and tucked it away, because he didn't understand it but he knew, one day, he would.

There was this serial killer in New York in the seventies, really up through the mid-eighties -- he mostly killed men who were known johns, repeat offenders, sometimes rapists, and the crimes have never been solved. The police never did a big media blitz and the papers never really caught on because the killings crossed several counties and one or two states, and when they stopped, suddenly, the police just quietly put the files into cold-case storage.

"We're not like other people," Daddy said. "We have to pretend we are."

"Like playacting?" Mike asked.

"Just exactly like," his father told him, and touseled his hair proudly with one blood-streaked hand.

After Dad and Mom died, Mike practiced his playacting, and he got into the habit of seeming to care, seeming to be the ultimate nice guy. People liked nice guys. Girls liked nice guys but didn't want to fuck them -- apparently that was a high school rule -- and that suited Mike to his numb, chilly core.

Excepting the squirrels, the neighbor's rabbit, and a dog that Trevor (when they were thirteen) said was a neighborhood menace and should be put down, Mike's first kill happened when he was sixteen. He followed all of Dad's rules, not realizing it at the time.

Piers Ellsworth was a football jock from the rival school. A year earlier during a game he'd tackled one of their schoolmates and, though nobody believed Ben, he'd stomped Ben's ribs so hard one pierced a lung. He did it on purpose and Ben couldn't play football anymore. Even then Mike wouldn't have made a move, but he was at a house party the night before a game and Piers was bragging about how he "stomped that fag" and Mike saw red.

He acted impulsively, but with cool reason. He stood a little too close to Piers, smiled a little too widely, shared his pot, and Piers followed him like a lamb out to the pool in the back, where nobody was hanging out because it was raining but where Mike said was a perfect spot to get a little privacy. The yard lights were out. Piers wanted to do some Ecstasy he had and get his dick sucked.

Such a promising young man, Piers Ellsworth. It was a real shame he got high and drowned in the pool.

Afterward, shaking and elated and still a little high, Mike dried himself off at home (Grandma was long asleep) and lay in bed, and Dad's words came back to him.

Kill the innocent quick. If you have to kill, make it a guilty man. Be meticulous. Vary your methods. Peoples' weaknesses usually lead them into traps. Make it look natural or, if you can't, make it look so vicious the cops are scared.

Next time, he promised himself on that last one. Next time.

Homicide Love 2/?

He wanted to do it again right away, because for the brief few minutes he'd held Piers' head underwater he'd felt something, he'd felt emotion. But the murder had been sloppy (anyone could have seen) and Mike's elaborate plans to prevent being caught bordered on the paranoid, meticulousness driven over into paralysis.

He didn't kill again until he was eighteen and at college. His workstudy job for his scholarship was in the Health office, and he was there the early Saturday morning when they brought in a woman who'd been raped.

She said who did it, she knew who did it, but campus cops knew that rapes on campus drove the school's reputation and attendance down. They talked her out of pressing charges, said they'd suspend her rapist for a semester, handle it internally.

Mike had only helped with her admissions form, but he'd heard her screaming in anger (somewhat enjoyable, though Dad would disapprove of him ever, ever doing that) and he'd heard her say who had done it.

Murders on campus were much worse for the school's reputation than rapes.

Eric Lind's roommate had come back to their room after a weekend at home to find every inch of Eric's side covered in blood (it would have been rude to do the same to his innocent roommate's things). Eric himself lay on his bed, flayed open, organs carefully spread out around him -- Mike had been reading about Jack the Ripper for History 145 (Industrial To Contemporary). Eric's dick and balls had been cut off and arrived by express mail the next day in Nina's campus mailbox.

That might have been a mis-step. Nina had screamed again. Mike had only meant to show her he'd done it for her.

There were other murders, after that but those were the two really big, really defining ones, Mike always felt.

He considered killing Trevor after they got kicked out of school. Trevor was kind of an idiot and surely no-one aside from close family would mourn his loss. Mike might be doing a service to society. But Trevor was the closest Mike had ever encountered to someone like him, and anyway Jenny made them food sometimes and always smelled nice and Mike wouldn't want to upset her (learned that lesson with Nina).

When he first started working with Harvey, his heart had leapt at the idea that Harvey didn't care. It was a momentary hope, because Harvey proved with most of his actions that he did care, which made him a liar or at the very least a person in deep denial. Mike, who had spent all his time pretending he did care, couldn't very well turn cold and predatory now, since Harvey would suspect something.

But the things he could show Harvey about not caring...

Harvey would look so nice with someone's blood slicking back his hair.

Pearson Hardman is a good place for a serial killer, Mike decides. For one thing, everyone's life is now a stress cycle: most of the people around him will work and work until they hit a snapping point, then go out and drink and drink until they pass out. Or they'll have inadvisable sex, or cry in the bathroom, but the point is that they understand the cyclical nature of everything, the way Mike's urges function. The build and the release.

In itself it's nicely designed to curb Mike's urges, which had been getting somewhat out of control (two kills in two weeks was too close together, even if one had been beating his kid in plain view through Mike's third-story window and the other had stopped to take pictures with her cellphone during a mugging). Pearson Hardman keeps him busy until he absolutely can't stand it anymore, and then it provides him with a host of potential victims to choose from.

He has fallen into a comfortable habit of work and blood, letting Harvey to some extent control his destiny, teasing Harvey about caring because he himself can't actually care. At night, he dreams about Harvey and jerks off to the idea of a man like him who honestly doesn't care. Like his Dad, who passed on to his son blue eyes, an allergy to shellfish, and compulsions that dead squirrels can't possibly control.

Re: Homicide Love 2/?

this is love.

Re: Homicide Love 2/?

There are not nearly enough words in the English language to describe how this fill makes me feel. In a good way. Omg is such a fucking good way. It's very Dexter without being Dexter and just as fucking amazing.

Re: Homicide Love 2/? - (Anonymous), 2011-09-17 05:48 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Re: Homicide Love 2/?

Wow, just wow. I'm so into this fill that I didn't realize it until I my face was touching the screen. You're giving so much detail and darkness to someone like Mike (a serial killer in this fill) that I can't stop thinking about it.

Re: Homicide Love 2/?

OMG! I'm so excited that this is being filled. Good start! I look forward to more.

Re: Homicide Love 2/? - (Anonymous), 2011-09-17 05:46 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Homicide Love 2/? - middivampira, 2011-09-17 10:10 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Homicide Love 2/? - (Anonymous), 2011-09-18 11:37 am (UTC)(Expand)

Re: Homicide Love 2/?

it's so dark and amazing... just amazing. can't wait for more :)

Re: Homicide Love 2/?

Hope you dont mind if @suitswip follows this

Re: Homicide Love 2/? - (Anonymous), 2011-09-17 05:46 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Homicide Love 3/?

Mike knows he's messed up precisely because he worries more about conflating Daddy and Harvey than he worries about how he took the child-beater's fingers off one by one before he killed him. But women bore him, except when they scream, and men excite him, especially when they bleed, and if he could find a man like Dad, a man who would not flinch from the blood...

Harvey might be close. He wonders, often, if Harvey would. Harvey belongs to a culture of casual brutality -- has allowed himself to be hit, has played violent sports and admired violence in others. When Harvey mentioned he was going to beat the shit out of that guy, that one time, Mike's dick twitched with interest, which it hadn't done since Kill #12 fought back (briefly).

He's careful not to draw his victims from Pearson Hardman's clients or enemies too often, though he is planning a trip to Boston in a few years to wipe the smug smile off Travis Tanner's face, along with his lips. While Mike's reasonably sure the police haven't linked his crimes together yet, he can't risk some detective somewhere figuring out that Pearson Hardman is a common factor. He's very proud of his firm, and would never drag their good name through the mud.

On the other hand...

He and Harvey both know that the man they're currently representing in settlement negotiations stole millions of dollars from a hedge fund where a lot of people had retirement money invested. It pains him to shark for this guy, and he can see it pains Harvey to play hardball for him.

He makes sure the man's cute little dachshund is drugged, puts him outside in the yard with plenty of food and water for when he wakes, and then Mike takes their client to pieces.

Fortunately he has no kids. Mike hates to kill people with kids. Not that it's ever stopped him, but he doesn't enjoy it as fully as he feels he should.

The kitchen is a bloodbath by the time he's done, and he'd like to stay and maybe make a hamburger or two, but he can't find a meat grinder and anyway Harvey will want him in by seven tomorrow, so he really should get going.

Harvey calls him at five.

"Get dressed," he says. "Dominic's been murdered."

As it turns out, the police think Mike was the last person to see Dominic alive, since he walked him to his car after their meeting. Harvey, who has appointed himself Mike's legal representation, accompanies Mike and the police to the scene of the crime. Mike isn't sure if the police just want to impress on him how serious this is, or if they want to scare him into some kind of, what, confession? Mike's in the clear; he sent Dominic off in his car and then biked home, and that was where he spent his whole night, for all anyone but the dachshund knows. He can show them the briefs he proofed, if they want.

Mike watches Harvey's reaction when they're faced with the blood-spattered kitchen and the pieces of Dominic lying around. Harvey looks pained, briefly, then sighs and mutters, "Lost a client."

Perhaps he underestimated Harvey. Mike stifles a giggle under cover of retching, and the cops hustle him out while Harvey rolls his eyes and talks about weak stomachs. Mike can see, in the mirror as he's washing his face, the reflection of Harvey watching him; he can see relief smoothing away the worry lines around his eyes. With Dominic dead, his secret bank accounts will start showing up, and they can do for his victims after his death what was a conflict of interest for them during his life.

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(Deleted comment)
Re: Fill: Homicide Love (Mike/Harvey later parts) 1/? - (Anonymous), 2011-09-17 05:47 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Re: Harvey/Mike Mike's not all he appears to be...

FYI, this has now been claimed and posted at AO3 and my Dreamwidth archive. :)



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