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Virgin!Mike! ( I know it's already been posted but this is different )

Okay so there are tons of virgin Mike prompts but I really want one in which Donna and Rachel are his new best friends and know he's gay, so it's up to them to find the right man! Cue, horrible dinner dates and even worse people that Donna and Rachel have chosen from him around the city! Soon they finall realize that Harvey is the perfect man for Mike and they throw the two men into a date that goes spectacular and maybe even Mike decides to give up his V card! Donna and Rachel take this as mission completed and a new impossible mission of Mike is opened: Operation Purge Skinny Tie....

Re: Of Mikes and Men, 1/?

It's not like Mike's an actual virgin.

Okay, technically, he is. But it's just technically. He's thought about sex, a lot, and he's kissed people and touched people. He's just never done... that, all the way.

That's what he tells Rachel, his new best friend in the whole world. He's maybe a little drunk.

"No way," Rachel says, leaning on the bar just as heavily as Mike. "There's no way nobody has not tapped that pert little ass. Wait, was that too many negatives?"

"More booze, less grammar," Mike answers, waving to the bartender.

He met Rachel for the first time at yoga class this afternoon, and after two excruciating hours of pigeon pose and downward facing dog and other sadistic animals, they both decided that a drink might take the edge off. Which brings Mike back to now, midnight, at La Roach, which is some kind of hipster bar with cockroaches decorating every wall. Heh. Cock.

"What are you giggling about?" Rachel asks. "You're a virgin! Your life is pain."

"My life is pain," Mike agrees mournfully. He thunks his head down on the bar's glossy surface. "Why am I so lame?"

"Hey," Rachel says, patting his arm. "Don't worry. You're flexible. You do yoga. Guys love that."

Mike makes a burbling noise against the bar top, that might be loosely interpreted as, "Then why am I still a virgin?"

"Because you haven't found the right guy yet," Rachel says with the firmness of the truly drunk. "And that's adorable. We just need to find you the right guy, that's all."

Mike lifts his head. "The right guy who doesn't mind that I'm a twenty-six year old virgin and who isn't a creepy, possessive weirdo that wants to dress me up in doll clothes?

"... exactly," Rachel says. She hiccups.

"Good luck with that," Mike grumbles, dropping his head again. In his opinion, after having three different guys offer to put him in a dress and pop his virgin cherry, he's going to die with his pert little ass unused and unabused.

He wakes up the next morning with a throbbing head and angry muscles and vows to never again combine yoga and alcohol. He has a voicemail from Rachel, clearly left while she was still very intoxicated, that says: "Heeeeeey, Mike! Mike! Michael! Don't worry my sweet little milkmaid Mikey! I have a plan for sex! But not with me. The plan is for you. But the plan is with me because it's my plan but it's sex for you. Not me. Anyway. I have to vomit now, my girlfriend says so--"

Girlfriend? Mike thinks. Wow, they really are all either lesbians or married.

"--so the plan will have to start after Sunday hangover day. Come to my office on Monday, okay? I know you have nothing better to do. Okay? If you don't, I'll call you every fifteen minutes until you die, Mike Ross. And you'll die a virgin!"

"Uggggh," Mike says, flopping down on his bed with a whoof, letting himself sink into the downy mattress and pulling the comforter over his shoulders.

Rachel texts him the address to the law firm where she works later that afternoon and calls him to make him promise he'll come. Mike only agrees because he wants to take a nap.

Which is how he finds himself standing outside the law firm Pearson Hardman on Monday morning, trying to pretend he isn't intimidated. He takes a deep breath and pushes the doors open, and is nearly immediately greeted by a security guard who asks him if he has business.

"I'm here to see Rachel? Uh, she's a paralegal?"

The guard cocks an eyebrow and says, "Oh, yeah," in a way that has Mike very nervous. "Go on up. Floor fifteen. Check in with Donna."

"Uh, thanks," Mike says.

The guard tips his hat. "Godspeed on your noble mission," he says solemnly. Mike is silently horrified to see the man's eyes go misty. "I was twenty-four before I met my Sharina. You aren't a alone."

That's comforting, Mike thinks as the elevator doors close. And then, I am going to kill that she-devil Rachel.

Re: Of Mikes and Men, 2/?

He spends ten very embarrassing minutes wandering the honeycombed halls before a hot redhead pokes her head over the top of her desk and gasps. "Mike?" she asks.

"Uh," Mike says. "That depends."

"I'm Donna," the woman replies. "My goodness, you do look just like a little piglet!"

Mike sighs and pinches his nose. "I think I'm supposed to check in with you? That's what the guard downstairs who knew far too much about my personal life said."

Donna's eyes are a little crazy as she grins at him. "Hold on, I'll buzz Rachel. She was honestly worried you wouldn't show up, so I'm really glad you did." Donna's eyebrows snap down ominously. "For your sake."

Mike gulps. Whoever said yoga leads to relaxation was full of shit.

Donna gets on the phone, so Mike leans on her desk and glances around while he waits. Next to her desk, there is a glass office where there is a very handsome man sitting behind a desk and wearing a suit that says, Why yes, this suit is named after someone. Probably someone named Tom Ford or Ralph Lauren. Mike takes a minute to appreciate the view.

The man looks up then. He spots Mike, and his dark eyes flick quickly over Mike's disheveled appearance, from Mike's bedhead to his thin t-shirt and right down to his ratty Converse.

The man smirks and his expression says, Pro bono, before he goes back to reading whatever is in his folder. Mike's never been dismissed so fast in his life. He thinks he feels a little insulted, but then he remembers that he has a toothpaste stain near his collar, so he's forced to agree with the man's assessment.

Donna hangs up the phone and follows his gaze. "That's Harvey Spector," she says. "My boss. Don't worry, I have him trained not to bite sweet little piglets like you."

"I'm not a piglet," Mike says. "I'm--"

"Adorable. Rachel was so right, I don't know how you haven't been laid. If I had a penis, I'd tackle you right now."

"But you don't, right?" Mike asks nervously. "Have a penis?"

"Not a real one," Donna says cryptically, and then she's swishing out from behind the desk and grabbing Mike's arm, dragging him down the hall.

Re: Of Mikes and Men, 3/?

They reach Rachel’s office, and Mike’s a little surprised that Rachel has her own office, because she told him she was a paralegal. Apparently, what she didn’t tell him was that she was the paralegal.

“Mike!” Rachel says. “Hi! I was thinking about you all night.”

“I’m gay,” Mike says, “and you have a girlfriend.”

“Yes, she does,” Donna says, glaring.

Rachel rolls her eyes at both of them. “I meant about your situation.” She says the word delicately, like the word’s a virgin, too, and needs to be treated carefully.

“Right,” Mike says. “Listen, I appreciate that you’re being so... thoughtful and everything, but we were really drunk, so any promises we made when we spit into our palms and shook hands shouldn’t be held against us--”

“Mike, shut up,” Rachel says. “I promised to help you find the perfect guy.”

“And after she came home and told me the story, I decided that I had to help you, too,” Donna adds.

“Seriously, you guys don’t have to--”

“I know we don’t,” Rachel says. “But we want to. You didn’t see yourself at the bar, Mike, you were so miserable. I saw you. In fact, after those tequila shots, I saw three of you, and you all looked miserable.”

“I can’t really--”

“Please?” Rachel asks. “I want to do this for you.”

“Why?” Mike asks desperately. “We barely know each other.”

“Mike,” Rachel says. “I was behind you in yoga class for two hours. I think I know you very well.”

“That’s still not funny,” Mike says. “Those pants shrunk in the wash.”

“Uh huh,” Rachel says.

“What about you?” Mike asks Donna. “What do you get out of this?”

“Well, I get a happy girlfriend. Which means happy sex. So if you want, think of this as me helping you pro boner.”

Mike groans. “How long have you been sitting on that one?”

“Since five this morning,” Donna replies.

“I’m going to kind of reluctantly love you, aren’t I?”

“Everybody says that,” Donna agrees.

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Re: Of Mikes and Men, 4/?

Mike leaves soon after that, but not before Rachel has extracted a reluctant promise from him to meet her and Donna for drinks after work. As he leaves Rachel’s office, he turns on his heel and looks back at both of them.

“One condition,” he says, holding up a finger.

“Sure!” Rachel says happily. She clearly thinks Mike is no threat.

Mike narrows his eyes. “Donna goes to yoga with us on Wednesday.”

Donna gasps. “He’s a bad man, Rachel! A bad man!”

“Deal,” Rachel laughs, and Donna turns betrayed eyes to her as Mike leaves, laughing.

He nearly bumps into the man from the office, who looks surprised to see him again. The man raises a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at him. Everything about him screams, I’m an asshole, and that works for me.

“Excuse me?” the man--Harvey, his mind supplies. Donna said his name was Harvey Specter--says, “Do you have clearance to be on this floor?”

“Yes,” Mike says, feeling testy. “I was meeting with someone. And now I’m leaving, anyway, so you can tell your team to stand down.”

“My team?” Harvey asks, quirking his eyebrow again. Mike thinks it’s probably the first weapon in his devastating facial arsenal, next to his broody eyes and his lickable mouth. Shit.

“Yes,” Mike stutters. “I figured you have the fashion police on standby at all times.”

Harvey’s upper lip curls in what a less watchful man would call humor, but what Mike’s brain recognizes as a signal for something like, Run, herbivore! A carnivore nears!

Really,” the man starts to say, but Mike slides past him and walks very quickly toward the elevators. He starts to turn the corner, nearly panting in his effort to not-run away.

“The elevators are the other way,” Harvey calls, sounding terribly amused.

Damn the man.

Seven hours (and two trips to the bathroom for alone time, seriously, fuck that guy and his beautiful smirky face) later, Mike cracks his knuckles and looks up from his computer screen. He’s been coding for the better part of the day, and he knows he can do triple or quadruple the work of most coders because his freakish brain retains everything he sees. He’s like a walking technical manual, which means he gets to work for himself, from his home, and at his own pace.

Of course, he reflects, being a geeky coder who works from home has probably contributed to his totally virgin state. He hates to be living the stereotype.

He checks the clock on his wall and realizes he has just enough time to shower or just enough time to change but not both, so he does a quick sniff test and pronounces himself fit for company.

He changes out of his toothpaste-stained shirt into another t-shirt, this time a red shirt with a Star Trek logo on the front, and digs through the pile of clothes at the foot of his bed until he finds a pair of jeans that look a little more respectable than the threadbare pair with the holes in the knees that he’s currently wearing.

He studies himself in the mirror when he's done He doesn’t think people can tell he’s a virgin just by looking at him. He studies his Star Trek t-shirt.

Well. Maybe they can.

He doesn’t have time to do his hair, so he just runs his fingers through it a few times, grabs his keys, and heads for La Roach to meet his doom. Or his destiny. The jury’s still out.

Rachel and Donna are already waiting for him when he gets there. He spots them sitting in a booth in the back, pressed up against each other and very much in love.

He swallows over a lump in his throat, and hears a voice behind him say, “Well, well. It looks like I’ll have to report a fashion crime in progress after all.”

He turns around and finds himself face to face with Harvey Specter.

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Re: Of Mikes and Men, 5/?

“Oh. You,” he says. “You’re Donna’s boss, right?”

“And occasional Agony Aunt,” Harvey agrees. He’s got two drinks, one in each hand, and both look like quality whiskey on the rocks.

Harvey holds one out to him. “Drink?” he asks. “I’m sure it would help if you were drunk for these proceedings.”

“Proceedings?” Mike asks.

Harvey smirks. “My secretary and her girlfriend’s quest to de-virginize you.”

“What,” Mike says.

Harvey widens his eyes, giving Mike an expression like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. “They invited me. I hope you don’t mind.”

“They invited you,” Mike says flatly.

“I might have implied that I’d give Donna a raise if she let me tag along. It’s not every day you meet a real, live virgin.”

“You’re an asshole.”

Harvey laughs, his eyes crinkling. “I’m wounded, kid. I hope you don’t think I get any amusement at your expense out of this.”

Mike glares at Harvey and his perfect hair, and his gorgeous cheekbones, and his expensive suit. “Seriously, I don’t even know you. Why are you here?”

“Truthfully?” Harvey asks, taking a sip of whiskey from one of the glasses. “I’m just here for the sport, kiddo. Things have been a little boring lately at the office. You know how it is, making millions every day,” he says, flashing perfect white teeth. He’s clearly aware that Mike knows no such thing. “And when Donna filled me in on her little project with Rachel, well...”

His eyes travel down Mike’s body slowly and deliberately, and Mike’s face goes from zero to flaming surface-of-the-sun in about .5 seconds.

“Hm. Get you out of those clothes, and I can’t see why you’re still a virgin,” Harvey says. “But I guess that’s the problem in a nutshell, isn’t it?”

Mike’s face cools just as quickly. “You’re a dick,” he says, snatching the other drink from Harvey’s hand and downing it in one throat-burning go. Yeah, it's good whiskey, all right, and hopefully Harvey doesn't see him coughing up a lung as he turns and marches toward the table where Donna and Rachel have been watching their exchange.

“Hey, Mike,” Rachel greets him tentatively. His expression must still telegraph his desire to claw off Harvey’s face.

“Hey,” he says shortly. “You’re buying.”

“Woo hoo!” Donna says, grabbing Rachel’s pocketbook. “That means I get to order!” She hops up from the table and quickly wends her way toward the bar, pausing to say something to Harvey on her way that makes him scowl briefly.

Mike stares after her, a little confused. Rachel sighs fondly. “Donna likes to order the most embarrassing drink she can from the bartenders. Ten to one, she’s going to come back with a Cocksucking Cowboy for you.”

“If she does,” Harvey says, sliding into the booth next to Mike and trapping him, “then Mike’s troubles are over.”

Mike gives him a disgusted look, and Harvey smirks and sips his whiskey.

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Re: Of Mikes and Men, 6/?

“Seriously?” Mike asks, glaring at Rachel. Rachel shrugs, looking sheepish, and Mike abruptly realizes that if Harvey is Donna’s boss and he has a corner office, he’s probably important at Pearson Hardman. And Rachel's a great paralegal, but she's still only a paralegal. It's probably difficult for Rachel or Donna to say no to Harvey and still, like, keep their jobs.

Mike twists in his seat, directing his ire at Harvey. “Seriously?” he asks again.

“We’ve been over this,” Harvey says simply. He continues sipping his whiskey, his eyes never leaving Mike’s face. He still has that goddamn smirk on his lips.

Mike rolls his eyes. “Well, I guess if you had to bribe Donna to tag along, there’s no point in asking if you have any other friends you could be hanging out with tonight.”

Harvey sets his drink down and gives Mike a small nod, like he’s acknowledging the hit. His eyes flick over Mike’s chest.

“Nice shirt,” Harvey says. The smirk is back. Mike has the sudden, ill-timed urge to lick the little mole at the corner of Harvey’s mouth.

He covers his reaction by narrowing his eyes. “I hope you die of suffocation in the icy cold of space,” he quotes. It’s not the original quote, but it’s close enough for his purposes.

Harvey’s eyebrows shoot up. “Isn’t that a little harsh?” he asks. He leans over until his mouth hovers near Mike’s ear. “When all I wish is for you to live long and prosper?”

Mike knocks his shoulder against Harvey’s chest to push him away; he can feel the flush creeping up the back of his neck.

“You don’t know anything about Star Trek,” he says.

“Don’t I?” Harvey leans back in the booth, taking up way more space than any normal guy would. His thigh presses against Mike’s on the seat.

Mike scowls.

“Listen, kid,” Harvey says. “This whole exercise Rachel and Donna are cooking up has all the potential for failure. So it seems to me that what you have to do is create a situation where failure is not a possibility.”

“What?” Mike asks.

“Kobayashi Maru.”

“Shut up,” Mike laughs before he can stop himself. “No way you know that. You googled it when I blinked.”

Harvey grins at him and holds up one hand in the traditional Vulcan salutation.

Donna makes it back just then, interrupting their moment of unexpected geek bonding, and plops three drinks down on the table. She and Rachel appear to be drinking vodka martinis. Mike appears to be drinking--

“One Suck, Bang, & Blow, just for you, piglet!” Donna announces.

Mike groans, but Rachel giggles. Even Harvey’s smirk looks more humorous than superior.

“How’d you get back so fast?” Mike asks, eyeing the line at the bar. It’s at least two people deep.

“Showed him my boobs,” Donna says, jerking her thumb back at the bartender, who does indeed seem to be staring at their table with a longing expression.

Mike squints, not sure if Donna is joking or not.

He looks down at his drink, sitting innocuously on the table. He’d never order something like this for himself. Mostly because he’d be too embarrassed to ask for it in the first place. The drink is dark pink, which Mike realizes, after his first sip, must come from cranberry juice and... strawberry daiquiri mix?

“What is in this?” he asks. It smells pretty potent.

“A lot of things,” Donna answers. “I’m trying to get you drunk and easy so you’ll agree with whatever Rachel says.”

“Also a good way to get him laid,” Harvey agrees.

“I’m not just going to get drunk and sleep with some random guy, you dickhead,” Mike snaps. “I have standards.”

“Maybe that’s the problem,” Harvey suggests mildly. “It could be time to reevaluate those standards.”

“My standards are fine. Just because I want the first guy I sleep with to--wait a minute, why the hell am I even telling you this? Seriously, go away. You don’t need to be here.” Mike gulps down several mouthfuls of his too-sweet drink and feels the liquid courage grow warm in his belly.

“Au contraire,” Harvey says. “My expertise is definitely needed. Let me pose a question: how good, exactly, do you think two lesbians are going to be at finding you a man?”

Mike opens his mouth, and then shuts it.

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Re: Of Mikes and Men, 7/?

“Low blow, Harvey,” Donna says. “We know what men like!”

“Right,” Harvey says. “You know what gay men like.”

“And you do?” Mike challenges.

Harvey gives him a hooded look and casually leans closer. “Oh yes,” he says, his voice pitched low. “I’m well-acquainted with what gay men find attractive.”

Mike chokes on his drink. The booth feels very crowded. “I need some air,” he squeaks, fumbling his glass on the table. The drink sloshes over the sides and onto his fingers, and he hastily licks them clean, trying to push Harvey out of the way at the same time.

Harvey shifts, finally, after Mike pokes him the side for nearly half a minute, giving the impression that moving was totally his decision in the first place and not because Mike wanted it at all.

Mike starts toward the bathroom in order to splash some cold water on his face and maybe take a minute or twenty to collect himself (or maybe masturbate furiously in one of the stalls, he’ll decide when he gets there) when Harvey grabs his wrist and says, “Hey.”

Mike looks down at Harvey’s strong fingers circling his wrist.

Well. Masturbating it is.

“Here,” Harvey says, handing Mike a ten dollar bill. “Get me another whiskey while you’re up, would you, piglet? There’s a good boy.”

“Ugh,” Mike says, shaking Harvey’s hand loose. He stalks away and hears Harvey say, “Where did you find him? He’s like a gay baby seal,” to Donna and Rachel, amusement heavy in his voice.

Mike orders the cheapest house whiskey they’ve got and pockets the change. Asshole.

When Mike gets back to the table and hands Harvey his crappy drink, Harvey takes a sip and grins like Mike is a pet who has just performed a trick worthy of YouTube.

“House whiskey?” Harvey asks.

“I asked the bartender to marinate it in his shoe first,” Mike replies.

“You owe me twenty bucks,” Donna says smugly. “I told you Mike was a sassy milkmaid.”

Harvey smiles, quick and genuine, pulls a twenty dollar bill from his billfold, and hands it to Donna. “And I suppose the house whiskey was very expensive?”

“Cost ten dollars,” Mike answers.

“Hm,” Harvey replies, studying him.

“Okay!” Rachel says, clapping her hands together. “Let’s get down to business. Harvey is going to act as a consultant--”

“What?” Mike demands.

“Cool it, piglet,” Donna says. “If you want to get that cherry popped, we’re gonna need all the help we can get.”

“And Donna and I will put together a list of all the gay men we know who we think would suit your criteria. And we’re lesbians--”

“So we are down with the gays,” Donna says, performing a little hand motion like she’s surfing.

“How much have you had to drink already?” Mike asks.

“I pre-gamed at work,” Donna replies.

Harvey gives a snort next to him. He sips what Mike knows must be horrible whiskey with a perfectly stoic face, so Mike grudgingly gives him a some credit.

“What is your criteria, Mike?” Rachel asks. She looks so earnest that Mike has to take another long drink.

“I guess... well, attractive? And not creepy.”

“Tall orders,” Harvey says. “Don’t get so specific.”

Mike shoots him an annoyed look. “Fine. It’d be good if he likes geeky stuff, like me. And I’m a programmer, so I’d like him to know about computers. Maybe he could be into music, but not, uh, death metal or hardcore rap. Indie stuff, I don’t know. And he needs to be smart because my I.Q. is 174 and I have an eidetic memory and not to sound like a jerk, but I need someone who can challenge me. I’d like it if he was taller than me. And he had a good sense of humor. And his hair--”

Shall be of what color it please God?” Harvey asks sarcastically.

And,” Mike says, gritting his teeth. “I want a guy who isn’t a sanctimonious prick.”

“That’s not too much to ask for,” Rachel says after a moment. “Really, it’s not.”

Donna nods in agreement. “You basically want a good looking geek with hipster tendencies.”

“I like skinny ties,” Mike admits.

“Oh God,” Harvey says faintly.

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Re: Of Mikes and Men, 8/?

“What?” Mike asks defensively.

“With that kind of criteria, everyone you meet is going to be a virgin, too,” Harvey says, swirling the whiskey in his glass and knocking it back in one go, his throat working. Mike very deliberately does not notice. Harvey grimaces at the taste this time, and shakes his head. "You'll also have to try not to poison your dates."

“Shut up,” Mike says. “Just because I want my first time to be something more than casual sex--”

“This gets better and better. You want it to be special? You want him to have feelings for you? Big, mushy feelings? No wonder you’re a virgin.”

“People like feelings,” Mike argues, knowing he’s blushing again. Harvey has a way of making him feel small and stupid with just a look, and it’s really pissing him off. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“I don’t,” Harvey says. “Feelings are messy and they get in the way of the fun stuff. Only idiots worry about feelings.”

“Who are you, Spock or Kirk?” Mike snaps back. Of course Mr. Suave Lawyer doesn’t do feelings--he probably had them surgically removed before he took the bar exam, along with his conscience and his sweat glands.

Harvey’s lips twitch. “Kirk, of course. He got all the action.”

“Please, we both know he was only doing that to disguise his epic love for Spock.”

Harvey blinks. “I don’t... actually disagree with you on that one.”

“Oh,” Mike says.

They sit silently for a few seconds. Mike fidgets with a napkin on the table and Harvey taps a finger against his empty glass.

“It’s weird when we aren’t arguing,” Mike finally says.

“I think agreeing with you gives me hives,” Harvey nods. His smirk is back.

“Boys? If we could get back to the task at hand? Thanks,” Rachel says. “Mike, drink up. Now, Donna and I have been discussing this while you two snarked at each other, and we think we have somebody for you.”


“His name is Kyle. He’s one of the associates at Pearson Hardman.”

Harvey huffs out a laugh. “I don’t think so.”

“Why not?” Mike asks. Now he’s more determined than ever to go out with Kyle.

“Kyle’s a Harvard graduate working at one of the top law firms in the city. He’s miles out of your league.”

“Excuse me?” Mike says in his best level 40 paladin voice.

“I just think you should set your sights a little lower. Look at you, piglet. You’ve got middle class geek tattooed all over you.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Aside from everything? It apparently hasn’t been working for you up until now, because no one’s ever bothered to ride you hard and put you away wet. You want my advice? Change everything about yourself.”

Mike clenches his teeth. “I don’t need to change anything about myself. If Kyle doesn’t like me, then that’s his problem.”

“Meanwhile, in Virgin land,” Harvey drawls. “Seriously, kid, even I wouldn’t fuck you.”

Mike stands up with as much dignity as he can muster. He’s immensely glad that he was sitting on the outside of the booth. He summons up every ounce of badass, looming power that he possesses in his skinny frame and glares at Harvey. He’s probably as intimidating as a kitten staring down a Rottweiler, but he doesn’t care.

“You know what, asshole?” Mike says. “If you and Khan were the only two people left on earth, I would fuck Khan.”

Then he throws his pink, girly drink in Harvey’s face.

As he storms off, he hears Rachel shout, “Mike, wait!” and Harvey say, in the driest tones this side of the Sahara, “Wow, I think I’m in love.”

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Re: Of Mikes and Men, 9/?

He has fourteen missed calls from Rachel the next morning. He groans and buries his face in his pillow, and manages to finally drag himself out of bed around eleven forty-five to find three missed calls from Donna and one text from her that says, “if u don’t call before 12, start checking ur mail w hazmat suit. :(

“Shit,” Mike says, dialing quickly. He doesn’t want to take any chances.

“Pearson Hardman, this is Donna speaking, how may I help you?”

“Cancel the anthrax,” Mike says. “Uh, please.”

“Piglet!” Donna says. “Oh good. I liked you. I would have been sad to go all biowarfare on you.”

“You and me both,” Mike laughs a little too loudly. “So, you rang?”

“More like Rachel rang. She’s off doing research for one of the partners right now, but she wanted me to tell you that she set you up with Kyle for this Friday night.”

“At La Roach?” Mike asks.

“If he can’t stand your weird little hipster bar, then he doesn’t deserve to plunder the depths of your cave of wonders with his scimitar.”

“Mental image,” Mike says weakly.

Donna laughs. “Oh, and before I forget, Rachel wanted you to come by the office on Wednesday and meet us for yoga.” Donna says yoga like other people say the terrorists win.

Mike sighs. “All right. Five o’clock?”

“Five o’clock? Are you crazy? This is a prestigious law firm, Michael, not a department store. Meet us at four thirty. And for God’s sake, wear a button-down or something. Kyle might see you.” Then she hangs up.

Mike puts down his phone and stares at his big, comfy bed, but he’s got coding to do. And later, video games to play. Maybe Uncharted, because he’s a little horny and Nate Drake is hot.

The next afternoon, Mike studies himself in the mirror, grinning at his own cleverness. He’s wearing a t-shirt, but this shirt is designed to look like a button-down complete with a pocket and pencil. He throws on a pair of skinny jeans that he’s only worn twice, and then packs his gym bag with his yoga sweats and his mat.

When he gets downstairs, he clips on his bike helmet and makes his way uptown to Pearson Hardman on his bicycle. As he pedals past city traffic full of sports cars and town cars and luxury cars, he reflects that his bike is probably not the best getting laid machine. But it is economical and environmentally friendly.

In his head, he hears Harvey say, "Meanwhile, in Virgin land..."

So when he brakes outside of Pearson Hardman and locks up his bike, naturally the first person he sees is Harvey Specter.

Awesome. And Mike hasn’t even taken his bike helmet off yet.

“Virgin Mike,” Harvey says pleasantly. He's wearing a dark suit, the jacket open to reveal a vest underneath. Seriously, a vest? Who is this guy?

“Dickhead Harvey,” Mike replies just as pleasantly.

Harvey’s eyebrows shoot up fractionally, but he smiles. It’s a toothy smile that says, Why no, I haven’t forgotten my alcoholic facial.

“Nice helmet,” Harvey says.

Mike hastily takes off his bike helmet as Harvey stands there laughing silently at him. Harvey appraises Mike in a slow way that has Mike immediately scowling, and says, “No, try it with the helmet on. It hides your hair.” Then he strolls off.

“I’ll hide your hair,” Mike mutters.

“C’mon,” Harvey calls over his shoulder. Mike hurries to catch up, reluctantly falling into step beside Harvey.

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Re: Of Mikes and Men, 10/?

“I’m assuming you’re here to meet with the dangerous duo,” Harvey says as they wait for the elevator.

“Yeah,” Mike answers, shifting from foot to foot.

“Right,” Harvey says, giving Mike an odd look.

They stand there watching the numbers for the elevator slowly blink closer. Harvey appears relaxed, his hands hanging loosely at his sides. His expression is placid and almost lazy as he appraises Mike.

Mike’s been feeling a little guilty since Monday night, so he takes a deep breath and says, “Sorry about... you know. Going all splash zone on you before.”

Harvey smiles and makes a hmming noise, shaking his head. “I love it when I’m right, but that’s just pathetic.”


“I was an asshole to you the other night, and today you’re apologizing for throwing a drink in my face. I suspected you were a soft touch. Now I know you are.”

“You know,” Mike says, clenching his hands, “If I had another drink right now, I’d throw it in your face again.”

“Is that a kink Rachel and Donna should know about for potential suitors?”

“And I wouldn’t apologize,” Mike says, jabbing viciously at the elevator button, even though he knows it’s pointless. A few seconds later, the elevator dings and the doors slide open.

“After you,” Harvey says, with a mocking bow.

Mike lifts his chin and steps inside.

“I hear Friday is the big day,” Harvey says, leaning against the elevator rail as grating elevator muzak plays in the background.

“Yes,” Mike answers tightly. He can see himself and Harvey reflected in the shining elevator walls, and realizes that Harvey is taller than him. Even Harvey’s height pisses Mike off.

“So what’s the plan, piglet? He’s going to fall madly in love with you and propose?”

“Sure,” Mike says, staring resolutely ahead. He can see Harvey’s smirk inch higher in the reflection.

Harvey chuckles. “Then as a consultant on this case, I feel it’s my duty to supervise your wardrobe before letting you out in public,” he says. He gives Mike a once-over. “And not a moment too soon.”

Mike rolls his eyes, finally turning to look at him. “Thanks, but no thanks. I can get dressed on my own.”

“Yes, you’ve identified the problem,” Harvey agrees. “That’s the first step.”

The doors ding and slide open. “My wardrobe is one final frontier you’ll never explore,” Mike says, stepping out.

He hears a bark of laughter behind him. “It’s not the only frontier of yours that has never been explored. You could fix that if you fixed your clothing.”

Mike whirls around. “You think you can make Kyle fall in madly in love with me," he mimics, "on our first date just by changing my clothes?”

Harvey’s mouth curls up in a devastating smile. “Dammit, Jim, I’m a lawyer, not a miracle worker.”

Mike turns quickly so Harvey can’t see his smile. “Such an asshole,” he grumbles, readjusting his gym bag strap over his shoulder and stalking away.

“Hey, kid, you don’t think Rachel and Donna are going to let you go out with Kyle without coming over to your apartment and giving you all sorts of advice beforehand, do you?” Harvey calls.

“And when they do,” Harvey’s voice continues. “I’ll be there, too. With popcorn. And an incinerator for your wardrobe.”

Mike flips him the bird over his shoulder and hears Harvey chuckle again.

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Re: Of Mikes and Men, 11/?

Thanks for being patient, guys! I work full time and go to school full time, my life is pretty much like, "Free time? trolololololol." Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I'm glad you're all enjoying.


“Is yoga short for You Groan in Agony?” Donna asks two excruciating hours later as they unbend themselves at the end of the yoga lesson

“I think it’s Years of Grotesque Acrobatics,” Rachel replies, wincing and rubbing her lower back.

“How about You’re Old Groaning Aunties?” Mike asks, mopping his face with a towel and grinning. “Maybe you guys need to start taking your calcium supplements. It’s just a little stretching.”

Rachel and Donna both protest in unison, and Mike’s laughing as they chuck their sweaty towels at his face. He catches the towels and tosses them back. “Gotta do better than that!” he says cheekily.

“Oh yeah?” Donna says, narrowing her eyes. She and Rachel exchange a look, and Mike has just enough time to think, Ah, this bodes ill for me.

Two minutes later, Rachel has him pinned to the ground with his arms twisted behind his back as Donna grinds her sweaty towel in his face.

“Groaning aunties, huh? Say auntie, bitch!”

“Auntie, auntie!” Mike gasps, laughing so hard tears are gathering in his eyes. “I take it back! Auntie!”

“That’s right, piglet,” Donna says, stepping away and throwing the towel aside. Rachel lets him go and stands up, and both of them stare down at Mike, arms crossed.

Mike rolls into a sitting position, wiping his eyes. “I’ve learned my lesson, I promise,” he says, gazing up at them solemnly.

Donna snorts. “You deserved that for making me do yoga. The only stretching I like to do involves stretching for the remote.”

“Or the cookie jar,” Rachel adds.

“Or the nightstand drawer,” Donna says, waggling her eyebrows.

“Ew,” Mike says, wrinkling his nose. “Girl sex.”

Rachel rolls her eyes and slugs Mike on the shoulder. “Speaking of sex, Donna and I wanted to talk to you about your date on Friday.”

Mike gives her a sideways look. “Uh, I hope you don’t think I’m sleeping with Kyle on the first date. I mean, I’m not that desperate.”

Donna and Rachel both raise their eyebrows.

“Okay,” Mike says, “Okay, I am totally that desperate, I have a box of condoms and three bottles of lube at the ready.”

“Three?” Donna asks. “That’s pretty ambitious.”

“I’ve never done it before! Who knows how much lube I’ll need?”

Rachel giggles. “Probably not three bottles’ worth, Mike. Not unless Kyle’s really good.”

“If Kyle legitimately goes through three bottles of lube with our little piglet here, then we are the best lesbian pimps in the world,” Donna says.

“Can you guys keep it down?” Mike says, glancing around. He can feel his face burning. “Not all of us are sexy, uninhibited dynamos.”

“Aw, piglet,” Donna says, patting his shoulder. “But sexy and inhibited works on you. Play to your strengths.”

Re: Of Mikes and Men, 12/?

Rachel takes pity on him and changes the subject. “So we’re all set for Friday night?” she asks. “Donna and I will come straight from work.”

“We won’t come straight from work,” Donna says. “We’ll come lesbians.”

Rachel rolls her eyes and smacks Donna’s arm, and the two of them look at each other and smile like they’re the only two people in the world. Mike has to look away because he suddenly feels like the loneliest loser ever.

“Yeah,” he says, clearing his throat after a few seconds. “That sounds fine. Harvey said he’d bring the popcorn,” he finishes wryly.

Donna gasps. “You invited Harvey before we invited ourselves?”

“Uh,” Mike starts. “No, that’s not--”

“It’s fine,” Donna sighs dramatically. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Harvey is probably the only gay man you know and you’ve imprinted on him. Like a duckling.”

Rachel giggles. “Is that is Mike? Harvey’s the swan and you’re the ugly duckling that looks up to him?”

“You guys are mean,” Mike says. “And swans are vicious. And they honk unattractively.”

“Harvey’s not vicious!”

Mike raises an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Well, not to his friends,” Donna amends. “I suppose business is another matter.”

“Seriously, what’s with that guy? He’s been an asshole.”

“That’s what works for him,” Donna replies primly, and Mike can sense that while she likes him, and she and Rachel are his friends, her loyalty lies with Harvey. “If you knew him like I do, you’d see that underneath the fancy suits and the shark smile, he’s one of the best guys you could know.”

Rachel nods. “I don’t know him as well as Donna--they’ve worked together for years. But he doesn’t seem so bad. And he’s helped me out of a jam or two at the office.”

“Right,” Mike says. “If he’s so great, then is he single? Maybe I should cancel my date with Kyle.”

Donna and Rachel exchange a look, like they’re trying not to laugh.

“Harvey’s great--” Rachel says.

“Really great--” Donna says.

“But he’s not really boyfriend material,” Rachel concludes. “We know you want somebody with staying power.”

“And Harvey’s apartment has a revolving bedroom door,” Donna says.

“Gee, he doesn’t sound like a bad guy at all,” Mike says. “C’mon--after that much healthy activity, I could go for some chinese food.”

“Too bad you’re a gay man,” Donna says. “If you were a woman, we’d have the best threesomes.”

“I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight,” Mike replies, pushing open the studio door and stepping into the sunshine.

Re: Of Mikes and Men, 13/?

Harvey, it turns out, really might not be so bad.

“You might not be so bad,” Mike says.

He might be drunk again. He also thinks it might be Thursday evening. He’s not quite sure how that happened, because last he checked it was Thursday morning.

“You’re drunk,” Harvey says, smiling and shaking his head. He’s perched on Mike’s couch, his jacket slung over the couch arm and his tie loosened. His top two shirt buttons are undone. It’s distracting.

“I lost Thursday,” Mike replies, his head lolling against the back of the couch. He stares at Harvey, trying to focus, but Harvey is a little blurry. “I should find it. It might never come back.”

Very drunk,” Harvey amends, reaching over and taking the whiskey bottle from Mike’s loose grip. “If you’re too hungover to function on your date tomorrow, Donna will have my balls.”

“Naw,” Mike says, waving his hand. “Donna likes you. She says you’re a good guy. But Donna is wily. I don’t think I believe her.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Harvey says, looking amused, and maybe hurt, but that’s stupid. Mike must be drunk.

Harvey looked amused earlier today, too, when he showed up at Mike’s apartment with five suits and a large bottle of whiskey, and said, “Let the consulting begin.”

Mike said, “What the hell?” and Harvey said, “You didn’t think this could wait until Friday, did you? That’s the last minute, kiddo, and I don’t like the last minute.”

So Mike said, “How did you find out where I lived?” and Harvey said, “Please,” and Mike figured that, yes, that was a pretty silly question.

Then Harvey made him try on a million suits (okay, he knows it was only five) and offered critical comments the whole time until finally Mike decided that he was going to drink all of Harvey’s expensive whiskey, so there.

Maybe that’s where Thursday went, he considers. It ran away with the whiskey, most of which also seems to have disappeared.

“Will you help me find Thursday?” Mike asks, starting to sit up. “I’m worried about it.”

“Sure, kid,” Harvey says. He reaches over and brushes his knuckles against Mike’s cheek. Mike thinks he should protest this, but he’s not sure why when he’s feeling so warm all over, so he smiles happily and leans into the touch, and let’s Harvey settle him back down into his seat.

Harvey makes an odd little half laugh sound. “I think I’ve lost faith in my fellow gay man,” he says, drawing his hand away. “I’m not sure why no one has snatched you up before now.”

“Me either,” Mike sighs, closing his eyes and sinking deeper into the couch. “I have all my own teeth and I bathe every day and everything.”

He frowns, considering. “Well. Almost every day.”

Re: Of Mikes and Men, 13/? - joliepinkyswear, 2011-09-19 04:00 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Re: Of Mikes and Men, 14/?

Harvey makes that weird half-laugh again and says, “Yes, it’s a mystery.” Mike thinks he feels fingers touch his jaw. They’re cool against his skin, but they’re shaking.

“It was an accident, mostly,” Mike says, eyes still closed. “You know how you mean to do something, but you don’t, and then it goes on so long that it’s really awkward? Like, if you meet someone and you start talking and then you realize three hours of conversation later that you never asked their name. And then they leave. And the next time you see them, you can’t ask their name because you’d look like an idiot so you just call them Hey, you for the rest of your life and feel like a socially stunted dumbass.”

There’s a pause. “And that’s why you’re a virgin?” Harvey asks.

“Pretty much,” Mike says. “I kept not taking the chance because I was waiting for something better and then when the chance came up it was too weird to admit I was a virgin.”

“That’s... ridiculous,” Harvey says. “Kind of adorable, but ridiculous. I can see you’ll need a lot of help. Luckily, I like you, kid.”

Mike opens his eyes and squints at Harvey. “Hey. Are you always this nice when I’m drunk?” he asks. “In that case, I should drink more.”

Harvey laughs. “All right, time to toss in the towel and get you to bed. I think we’ve decided on an outfit--”

“We did? When?” Mike asks, bewildered, as Harvey levers him up from the couch. He stumbles and finds himself pressed against Harvey’s chest. He rests his head over Harvey’s heart and sighs. “Oh, that’s nice,” he says.

“You’re touch starved and you’re drunk,” Harvey says, peeling him off. “Come on, piglet. You need your beauty sleep more than anyone I know. You don't want to scare Kyle away with one look.”

“You’re an asshole,” Mike says, smiling fondly as Harvey wraps an arm around him and they start toward the bedroom. The floors moves alarmingly, and Mike wonders why he suddenly lives on a boat.

Harvey glances down at him, and something passes over his features, but Harvey’s face is sort of blurry right now. Mike really wishes he could focus, because it felt kind of important and he knows he won’t remember it in the morning.

“Yeah, I am,” Harvey agrees, guiding him down the hall and sitting him down on the bed. He tugs off Mike's shoes and pushes him backwards. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Don’t forget the popcorn,” Mike murmurs as his head hits the pillow and his eyes close. He hears Harvey make that noise again, the one that sounds half happy and half sad.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Harvey replies. The door clicks closed behind him.

(Deleted comment)
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