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Cover Up (Mike/Harvey) (Alec/Eliot)

Cross over with Leverage.

possible spoilers for Identity Crisis.

Lola (was that her name? Idk sorry) anyway..

Lola, fixed Mike up with a fake Harvard diploma and his name on the alumni website. Which is all great. It's more than he can imagine and is really thankful for.

But Mike knows that one day it might not check out. So he calls his friend Alec Hardison. Alec can crack through any system, and can make him a whole new person complete with history from before he was even born. He's that good.

So he calls Alec to cover up his tracks. The only thing, the two need to spend a bit of time together to work out all details of his "life". In return, if for what ever reason anyone on his team, but especially Alec's friend Eliot is caught. Mike guarantee's to defend him or if need be get Harvey to represent him.

Alec's "friend" Eliot is not amused and neither is Harvey, neither of which know why the two are spending so much time together. How do they react?

If any of you want, you can also add that the team is on a case and need Mike but that is up to you.

Re: Cover Up (Mike/Harvey) (Alec/Eliot)

My two favorite fandoms ever!!!!! I so hope someone writes this :)

FILL: Package Deal 1/?

I couldn't resist this prompt! Even though I've never written anything for Leverage or Suits, so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. I hope you enjoy this first bit! ♥

Louis has taken to humming the Harvard song every time he comes near Mike's cubicle. The song itself is not a problem, because by now Mike could sing it backwards in his sleep (although probably not very well). The problem is that Louis clearly still suspects something.

Harvey shrugs it off as usual and sends him away with a mountain of papers to work his magic on. Mike wishes he could just stop worrying about Louis, because this is likely to drive him insane. On the other hand, it's not paranoia if they're really out to get you.

The diploma Lola got him is great and he would totally cuddle it in bed and frame it and hang it on his wall if it didn't feel a little dirty. His name in the Harvard alumni database makes him feel warm in his special place. But. He can't help but think that it's not enough. That someone's going to dig deeper. And now that he faked that much, he's kind of on a road of no return. He might as well go all the way.

Alas, his brilliance doesn't extend to computer wizardry. Fortunately, he's not the only genius he knows.


Getting out of the office for lunch is almost impossible for a lowly associate, but Mike's pretty good at the impossible. He has to be back at one (which actually means a quarter to one) to go meet a client with Harvey, but he has enough time for the meeting.

Mike slips out of the building and goes to a cafe two streets away. He barely has time to order before a hand comes down on his shoulder and spins him around. The next thing he knows, he's crushed in an enthusiastic hug.

"Mike, my man!" says the hugger, patting him on his back with rather more force than necessary. "Long time no see. Looking sharp!"

"Yeah," Mike responds weakly, trying to catch his breath. He smiles as soon as he's released from the embrace. "Thanks so much for coming to see me, Alec."

"Sure, man. Just let me get a coffee, I'm still half-asleep."

Mike remembers the time when he could afford to be half-asleep at noon with a certain amount of longing. He goes to find them a table in a secluded corner. Hardison joins him after a few minutes, holding a cup filled mostly with whipped cream.

"You want to catch up first, or straight to business?"

"I... kind of have to be back at work soon. Sorry."

Alec waves a hand. "No problem. I managed to get two weeks of vacation, so we'll have time for that later. What do you need?"

"I need a hacker," says Mike.

The other man smiles widely and sprawls back in his chair. "Then you're lucky. You've got the best there is."


FILL: Package Deal 2/?

Mike explains the situation over his cup of coffee and then goes to get another one. When he comes back, Alec has a small laptop on the table and he's typing furiously. He gestures for Mike to sit close to him.

A few clicks later his page on the alumni website comes up. A fuzzy feeling bubbles inside Mike. He almost asks Hardison to take a screencap, but that might be a little weird.

Alec hums approvingly. "Seems legit. But..." He resumes typing. The screen is filled with code scrolling faster than Mike can follow. Finally there's a table. The hacker types in Mike's name and clucks his tongue. "Yep, just as I thought. You're in their alumni database, but there's no record of you actually being a student at Harvard. So if someone from the outside tries to look you up, it's all okay. But if the school wanted to verify that..."

Mike sighs. "I'm screwed."

"I wouldn't say that." Alec slaps his back. "We just need to feed them your imaginary course records."

"You can do that?"

Hardison scoffs. "Puh-lease. I can make them think you're the heir of their founder, but that might be an overkill. We need to make you good, but not so good that people would remember you, right? That's a little tricky, so you'll have to tell me what I'm supposed to put in there."

Mike wants to hug him. Then he remembers that, unlike some people, Alec's not opposed to warm fuzzy feelings and displays of affection, so he does exactly that.

Then he looks at his watch. "Shit, I have to go. Harvey's gonna leave me here if I'm late. Same time tomorrow?"


They part ways near Pearson Hardman, where Hardison hails a cab and pulls Mike into a goodbye half-hug. Harvey's waiting in front of the office. "You're late," he says in greeting.

"No, I'm not! I'm thirteen minutes early."

Harvey just raises an eyebrow and asks: "Lunch date?"

Mike wishes he didn't feel the need to explain himself. "I wouldn't have to go on lunch dates, but my evenings are full thanks to you."

"As they should be," Harvey says calmly. Then he shakes his head and reaches for Mike's tie, which ended up a little twisted, probably due to all the hugging. "I didn't think you still have to be told to look presentable for clients."

"I know that," he mutters. "But seriously, I wouldn't mind leaving the office before ten once or twice. My old friend's in town and I barely have time to catch up with him."

"Considering your taste in friends, that may be a good thing."

Now that's just unfair. "Alec's not Trevor. He's not the kind to get in trouble. Well, at least not the kind to get me in trouble."

"I hope so. You manage to get in trouble perfectly well on your own. Now, are you finally ready to go?"

Mike nods and gets in the car.

Re: FILL: Package Deal 2/?

omg yesssss this is amazing and perfect and omg, i love the idea of hardison and mike being bffs and hugging freely and doing each other favours and being young geniuses together, uggggh so amazing thank you <33

updates eagerly anticipated! and this is like the perfect timing for me, because i'm just coming off of a leverage binge and therefore craving fic, and your hardison voice is spot-on pitch-perfect beautiful. and, and, omg, hardison has his nana and mike has his gram! they have many points of ~bonding~

Re: FILL: Package Deal 2/?

Thank you! I'm so happy you like it :D I can't promise very quick updates (I have things I really should be finishing first, wah. Though at least I finished my thesis before I started writing this one...), but I'll do my best! ♥

Re: FILL: Package Deal 2/?

Hope you dont mind if @suitswip follows this

Re: FILL: Package Deal 2/?

I don't mind at all! :)

Re: FILL: Package Deal 2/?


It's so well written and perfectly characterized, thus far. I definitely wouldn't know that you hadn't written in these fandoms, if you hadn't told me yourself, and I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!

Re: FILL: Package Deal 2/?

That's so good to hear, thank you! ♥

Re: FILL: Package Deal 2/?

My two favorite fandoms! I'm so excited to read more of this, and I absolutely LOVE it already. :)

Re: FILL: Package Deal 2/?

Thank you :D They're my two latest obsessions and, like, a match made in heaven ;)

FILL: Package Deal 3/?

I'm not sure if this part's any good, but I wanted to post something before relocating to a place where the internet connection is a big unknown. Um, enjoy? ♥;

Fridays are not Mike's best days in general, and this one is shaping up to be particularly miserable from the start. The amount of work he has to do before lunch is daunting to say the least. Thankfully nobody bothers him at his cubicle, though that's probably because nobody can actually see him from behind the stacks of briefs he has to proof. He makes the last sweep with a highlighter at 11:52, hurriedly gathers Harvey's files in his hands and makes the trek to Donna's desk.

"Hi, Donna. Can you give these to Harvey?"

"You don't want to go in there by yourself? I think he's in a pretty good mood." Mike casts a glance towards Harvey's office. It doesn't look any more welcoming than it usually does. "Well, at least he's not in a bad mood," she adds.

"I kind of really have to go now," he says with an apologetic smile. "I'm running late."

"Another lunch date?"

He blinks but doesn't ask how she knows. She's Donna. "Yeah. I'm meeting a friend. I'll be back soon, though!"

He thinks he hears Donna mutter "So much for the good mood," but he's halfway down the hall before he thinks about asking what she meant.


When he gets to the cafe, Alec is already sitting at a table. Or rather lying on it.

"Sorry, I had a late night. Or morning," he says and flops his hand feebly. "Put some coffee in me and I'll be fine."

Mike brings him an actual coffee, but Hardison ruins it anyway by pouring a ton of sugar into it. At least he's more or less functioning after a few minutes.

"Okay, so. Let me tell you, there are a lot of fields to fill in their records. We have to decide what courses you took, in which groups, what marks you got... Want me to pull up some people so we have examples?"

Mike smiles slowly. "Oh, I can give you some names."

After that their productivity is pretty much shot to hell, because they spend the rest of his lunch break riffling through his co-workers' records. Mike is reluctantly impressed and a little disgusted by the fact that Louis got obnoxiously good grades in pretty much everything. As for Harvey, well. Not so much. Seeing the evidence that even Harvey isn't perfect brightens his day a little.

Rachel's marks are more or less what he expected them to be. Good, but nothing special. Apparently she really doesn't test very well, poor thing. He briefly contemplates causing some chaos in Kyle's records, but it seems like a recipe for disaster (even though Alec's all for it and not judging him in the least. It's such a nice feeling.)

Mike doesn't dare look up Jessica. He has a feeling that she would somehow know and not appreciate it.

He leaves Hardison with instructions to get some sleep and meet him there tomorrow. He walks back into the office in pretty good spirits, but of course that doesn't last very long.

FILL: Package Deal 4/?

Donna accosts him near his cubicle and leads him a room at the end of the hall, which is filled with paper from wall to wall. Apparently he's supposed to go through those old case files to find something that could help Harvey with their new client.

He's overcome with a sense of 'whyyyyyyy?'. All was going well when he left for lunch. He turns a puppy dog look on Donna, but it's useless. She just shakes her head, says "Should've gone in there." and walks away.

Kyle turns up by the door (which can't be on his way anywhere, unless he's going to jump out the window, in which case don't let Mike delay him) and doesn't even pretend not to enjoy his misery. Mike regrets not making him retroactively fail all his exams.

Well, there's just one thing to do. He rolls up his sleeves and gets to work.


When he finally gets out of the office at half past eleven, feeling brain dead and looking probably not much better, there's a man standing near his bike.

"Um," Mike says cleverly. "Can I help you?"

The man seems surprised that he's being talked to. (On second thought, talking to suspicious strangers at night might not be the usual practice.) He smiles amicably. "No, no. Don't worry about me."

Mike's worried rather about the possibility that the guy's waiting until he unlocks his bike to club him over the head and steal it. He looks like he could take Mike in a fight with unsettling ease. On the other hand, he probably could've broken the lock with his bare hands, so that would be a weird plan, and Mike can't even muster enough energy to contemplate his other options. He shrugs a little to himself, gets his bike and rides off into the night. Nobody brains him from behind, so he counts that as a win and forgets about the man.

At least until the next day.

Re: FILL: Package Deal 4/?

This is awesome, I can't wait to read more!

Re: FILL: Package Deal 4/?

I'm so glad, thank you! ♥

Re: FILL: Package Deal 4/?

I'm loving this!

Re: FILL: Package Deal 4/?

Thank you! :)

Re: FILL: Package Deal 4/?

ELLIOT? And, if it's him, CAN Elliot smile 'amicably'? LOL!

Love this story and can't wait for more.

P.s: I think you totally outted yourself as a Brit. 'Marks'?

Re: FILL: Package Deal 4/?

WELL, I'm not saying! But if it was Eliot, he'd at least try, I think ;)

Damn. But actually, English isn't my first language at all! So it may be sending mixed signals. (Things like these are why I could really use a beta. I'll gladly de-anon eventually for one ;D)

Re: FILL: Package Deal 4/?

I'd offer, but I truly suck, LOL. And your english is pretty good - better than mine and it's MY first language, LOL.

And Elliot would have this weird pseudo-smile that actually freaks people out. He's only happy when he's kicking ass and taking names... or tapping ass... preferably Alec's... LOL!

FILL: Package Deal 5/?

He barely takes a step into Harvey's office on Saturday before he's escorted back out.

"Go pack your little bag," says his boss, patting him on the shoulder. "We're having a field trip."

Mike absolutely does not skip happily on his way to his cubicle, just because he'll spend his working Saturday with Harvey and not sitting there all day. He has some dignity left.

Even Louis, who tries to intercept him in the hall, doesn't spoil his mood. "Sorry, Harvey needs me today!" he says. In a dignified way. Then he looks around his cubicle, forgets what he's supposed to get from there, shrugs and leaves.

It turns out that Harvey's field trip consist of driving around the city in Ray's car and meeting important people. Mike's heart skips a beat every time he's introduced as 'my talented associate, Michael Ross'. He shakes more hands before lunch than he did in the last few months.

...speaking of lunch.

He excuses himself from where Harvey's chatting with a judge in front of the court house and takes out his phone. His call goes to voicemail after a few rings. Spock's voice instructs him to leave a message after a prearranged audio signal (and also to live long and prosper).

"Hi, it's Mike. I can't make it to lunch today, sorry. I'm on the other side of the city with Harvey and..."

He trails off, because something catches his attention. Someone's buying a hot dog at a place across the street. It shouldn't be suspicious, but...

It takes him a few seconds to recognize the man from the night before. The guy pays for his hot dog, wanders a few steps away and scowls at it. Then he looks up.

Mike quickly turns away and remembers his phone call. "Uh, so. I'll call you later, okay? Sorry again."

He chances a look back, but there's no sight of the man. Mike shakes his head and starts walking back to Harvey. He stops again when he gets a text message saying: 'no prob. back to sleep /o/ call me when you're free xoxo'. Harvey catches him smiling at his phone and looks unimpressed.

A few hours later, after he meets seemingly everyone who's anyone in the law world and also their moms (no, really, they have tea with a federal prosecutor's mother), Harvey takes him to a talk with his client. It goes well. Mike walks out a little dazed about the amount of money they've just made for the firm.

"Celebratory drinks on me," says Harvey, putting a hand around his shoulder.

Mike hesitates, but only for a minute. Drinking with Harvey is likely to end in embarrassment, but he still can't bring himself to say 'no'.


FILL: Package Deal 6/?

Some time later he's smiling at a glass of very expensive alcohol. The glass seems to smile back at him.

"You know sooooo many people," he says. His drink doesn't respond, but Harvey does.

"It's important to have connections. And it's never too soon to start wooing the people who matter."

It's possible that Mike giggles a little, but it's only because 'wooing' is a funny word. "You're good at this. But not me. I can't woooooo."

Harvey rolls his eyes, but also smiles, so it's all good. It's nice when Harvey smiles. "You'll learn. Besides, you care about people, right? That should help."

Mike just hums and slides a little lower in his chair. It's a comfy chair, but it might be even better if he sits sideways or something. He tries that without much success.

"Alright, I think you've had enough for today." Harvey flags down a waitress, pays and stands up. "Let's get you home."

"Your home?" Mike asks, smiling widely. "It's very nice. I bet it's even nicer when you go deeper."

Harvey looks at him for a long minute and sighs. "It is, but no. You need to get some sleep. At your place. Come on."


An elevator ride never seemed like such an adventure. Harvey doesn't let him press all the buttons, though.

"I need to call Alec," he remembers suddenly and fumbles for his phone.

Harvey stills his hands. "Wait until you're sitting down. Or better yet, until you're sober."

"He won't mind. He's a good friend," Mike says with conviction and steps out on his floor, only slightly unsteadily.

"I'm sure. What's his name again?"

"Alec Hardison. It's a fun name, isn't it?" He grins. "Harrrdison."

"Mm. Where are your keys?"

Mike produces a keyring from his bag with a flourish. Harvey leads him into his apartment and sits him on the couch. "I hope you can take care of the rest."

"Sure!" Mike smiles up at him. "Specter is a nice name, too. I like it."

Harvey just looks at him for a while, again. Then he reaches out and ruffles Mike's hair a little. "Ross isn't that bad, either. Get some sleep, kid."

And Mike totally will, but first — the phone call! The taps 'call' as soon as the door clicks shut behind Harvey.

"Alec! I'm free now. And also a little drunk, I think."

He can almost hear Alec's pout. "Aww man, you went drinking without me?"

"Harvey took me out. Because we were awesome."

"You chose drinks with your boss over me? That's just cold, dude."

Mike frowns a little, confused. "But it's Harvey!"

"Okay, okay, I see how it is." Hardison chuckles. "I'll see you tomorrow. Try to get into bed before you fall asleep."

"I always do!" Mike protests. Then he falls asleep on the couch.

Well, at least it's a nice couch.

Re: FILL: Package Deal 6/?

Re: FILL: Package Deal 6/?

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